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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> andrea: we have a special show coming up sunday. tune in tomorrow because that's it for us. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> neil: president obama gets defensive over confusion and misstatement over the libya terror attack. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> good evening. i'm bret baier. search for answers regarding the terror attack in libya taking twists and turns today. the president is pushing back hard on the perception of any confusion in aftermath. james rose season following this today. good evening. >> short while ago, president obama taped the episode of
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"daily show" in new york. from the show's host, libbial comedian jon stewart the president fielded a number of questions about benghazi, including some about the apparent confusion of the administration over whether it was a terrorist attack. we weren't confused about the fact that four americans were killed. it wasn't confused about the fact we needed to ramp up diplomatic security around the world after it happened. i wasn't confused about the fact we had to investigate exactly what happened so it gets fixed. i wasn't confused, the president will add, about the fact we were going to hunt down whoever did it and bring it to justice. another point in interview, the president made a claim this seems untrue on the face. and will likely attract additional scrutiny as the various investigations in benghazi unfold. every piece of information we got as we got it, we laid it out for the american people. >> in an interview with the cbs affiliate in san francisco, senate intelligence committee chairman, dianne feinstein, appeared to blame the obama administration
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shifting account of the benghazi murders on the natio nation's top spy. >> i think what happened the director of national intelligence which we call the dni, who is a very good individual, former head of the defense intelligence agency, general jim clapper. put out some speaking points on the initial intelligence assessment. that was possibly a mistake. >> since 9/11, director clapper remained silent. however, on september 28, clapper spokesman sean turner issued a state in the his own name acknowledging only that the intelligence community at some unspecified point revived the assessment. privately intelligence veterans complain of being thrown under the bus. >> when people in consulate saw armed men attacking, there were no protesters. why did it go on? >> we were told by intelligence committee. >> kerry, the long island
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resident whose question about benghazi provoked intense exchange between president obama, mitt romney and moderator candy crowley later told greta van susteren the president spoke to him after the debate and confided that the administration hadn't officially branded benghazi terrorist attack more swiftly because the president feared harm premature, erroneous statement could do in mideast. >> i could only speculate to give himself time to try to uncover the information he needed to uncover. to find out who was responsible for the terrorist killings. other than that, i have no reason why the story circulated for so long. obviously it was not true. ♪ >> one day after memorial service held for her son in california, chris stevens' mother told interviewer she has heard nothing from the white house. >> do you feel like your
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questions have been answered? >> you have to know something about something to have questions about it. i don't know enough really to ask questions. >> how much does it matter to you, to know? >> well, it doesn't bring him back, does it? >> much attention has been paid to the tv appearances made by the u.n. ambassador susan rice on sunday, september 16. in which, she pressed the idea now discredited that the benghazi murders were not premeditated but grew out of a protest that spun out of control. ambassador rice also spoke about the precautions taken before 9/11. >> the security personnel, the state department thought were required were in place. >> clearly that judgment turned out to be wrong. fox news learned that the coming hours will bring significant new details about the state department pre9/11 security decisions in benghazi from house lawmakers, bret, who have been reviewing classified documents in this case. >> bret: we'll follow all of that. thank you. please join me for a special
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look at the libya terror attack friday night. a one-hour presentation, "special report" investigates death and deceit in benghazi. it can be seen tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern. so set the dvr. the clock many in washington hear ticking louder every day is countdown to the end of the year and what is the fiscal cliff. it's fast approaching. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports tonight on the latest salvos in this big game of political chicken. >> a fresh threat from the white house that president obama will veto any bill delaying the so-called fiscal cliff. unless republicans agree to raise taxes on the rich. central piece of his case against romney. >> he is wrong. i'm not going to ask middle class families to give up your deductions on a home mortgage. or your deductions for raising a kid. just to pay for another millionaire's tax cuts. >> republican speaker john boehner fired back today the president has failed to sit
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down with him for months. >> delaying any plan to halt both the massive defensive spending cut and increase to bush tax rate coming at the end of the year. >> no leadership when it comes to the fiscal cliff we'll face. tax rate going up january 1. sequester on january 2. or need to increase debt limit in middle of february. president has been awol. campaigning since a year ago labor day. >> with the president enjoying a pretty light schedule in new york, that included a fundraiser and taping of the daily show with jon stewart, romney's campaign seized on boehner's commentbes to charge the president is going to let the economy sink in another recession. spokesman williams saying rather than work in bipartisan matter as the fiscal cliff approaches, president obama prefers to issue veto threat and ignore the other party. we can't afford four more years of the failed leadership. white house spokesman jay carney told republicans the obstacle is the refusal to
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raise taxes. top democrats say the real goal of veto threat is the president wants to put the other side on note. if he wins the election, he will have a mandate. >> we can't get this done unless we also add wealthiest household pay higher taxes on the income above $250,000. pay the same rate we paid when bill clinton was president and went from deficit to surplus. that is how you do it. >> the case undermined today by bill clinton himself in ohio. >> let's elect president obama. >> campaigning with bruce springstein, clinton alleged romney budget math does not add up. then gave republicans unexpected ammunition. >> governor romney's argument is we're not fixed. so fire him and put me in. >> it's true, we're not fixed. when president obama looked in the eyes of that man, who said in the debate, i had so much hope four years ago, and i don't now. i thought he was going to cry.
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because he knows it's not fi fixed. >> former president clinton mostly stayed on message charging that romney masquerading himself in the debate and adding "he thinks we're dumb." >> bret: ed henry in new york. thank you. house oversight committee chairman darrell issa says the obama administration is trying to buy the election by propping up the medicare advantage program. issa is expected to subpoena documents from the health and human services department friday. issa contends the demonstration project costing more than $8 billion aims to postpone cuts to the program until after the election. h.h.s. says the project is providing incentives to improve care. welfare spending topped $1 trillion last year. that is according to republican senator jeff sessions. he says spending by the federal and state government on more than 80 so-called welfare programs went from $800 billion in 2008 to more than a trillion in 2011.
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stocks were off today. dow lost eight. the s&p 500 dropped four. nasdaq fell 31. we do some fact checking on the debate argument over pensions. you may be surprised at what we found. later in the grapevine. can the final debate slow down governor romney's momentum? that's next. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: two-third of students graduating from the public universities this year are carrying at least some debt from their college years. a new study by a california firm says the average bill is $26,60600 up 5% from last year's class. we are 19 days away from the election. and just four from the final presidential debate. for both candidates, their performance in the latter could be the determining factor come november 6. here is chief split correspondent carl cameron. >> reporter: with polls favoring him, mitt romney is
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slowing the pace of the campaign again for intense preparation ahead of monday third and final debate in florida on foreign policy. >> hello! are you fired up? >> reporter: not until the president who sees the same polls showing romney momentum and stepping up the attack on romney credibility. >> he has a tax plan that doesn't ad up. he has a jobs plan that doesn't create jobs. he has a deficit plan that doesn't reduce the deficit. listen, new hampshire, you have heard of the "new deal." you have heard of the "square deal" and "fair deal." romney is selling you a sketchy deal. >> team romney said it was a misleading attempt to distract from president obama's failed record. romney let ann court women voters solo on "the view" today. >> i'm feeling good on the couch. >> estrogen. >> the latest gallup poll said romney gained a point three
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days in a row 52 to president 45. outside the margin of error. it's tied in most battleground states, too. the number of states has expanded to include wisconsin as a two-point tossup. in the ad wars, romney, the republican national committee an friendly super pac now outspent obama, the democratic national committee in left leaning groups $455 million to $352 million. following the money reveals the key swing states both sides expect to decide the race in 19 days. most money spent in florida. $166 million. ohio, 160. virginia, 126. colorado, $72 million. north carolina and iowa more than $60 million each. nevada, new hampshire, wisconsin, all under $50 million. both campaigns have millions left spend. know monday florida debate starts the frenzy final two week sprint to get out the vote. president and mr. romney again share a stage tonight. not to debate but to crack jokes up the al smith dinner new york city. long-standing presidential campaign tradition.
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the only other event between now and monday night is a rally in daytona week where it's bike week. half a million motorcycles most harley riders. tomorrow, romney will ride the bus in the middle of them for an evening hour. >> bret: are you suiting up, darl >> i vehicle the leather chap. >> bret: whoa! that was too much. thank you, sir. c'ya. authorities in florida are reviewing accusationshat two people may have voted in their state and one other in a priest election. advocacy group turned over complaints about 36 such people. state election officials forwarded two names to law enforcement. how big a deal do you think voter fraud is? let me know on twitter. follow me@bretbraeir. we have new images of a site in iran of what the west says is nuclear weapons develo development.
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second photograph from august shows the test site covered by a pink tarp. next imnage shows the tarp taken off in september. experts say that is suspicious since iran refused access to u.n. inspectors at the site. syrian activists say the air strike from government forces there killed 20 people late wednesday. and early today. they are saying four towns were targeted. residents are searching through the rubble for survivors. still ahead -- gerrymandering. how president obama home state could flip control of the house. first, we talk live with experts who three of the most crucial states and presidential election. on what might happen there. 4g lte is the fastest.
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>> bret: the presidential election just 19 days away. more and more of the focus is on a handful of states as the candidates try to win the most important battle. one for the electoral college. each one of the final three weeks of this campaign, we are going to bring in three experts if three different battleground states. to talk about what they are seeing on the ground. what things could look like in the final days. tonight, we start with iowa. florida. virginia. david yepsen spent 20 years as the chief political reporter for the des moines register in why and he now works for southern illinois university. steven craig is political science professor at the university of florida. larry sabato runs the university of politics a it the university of virginia. thank you for being here. first, start with you, david, in iowa. the real clear politics average of the latest polls has president obama up 2 points. it looks like it's closing there. what is the situation on the ground?
6:21 pm
>> closer than two points. obama is narrowly ahead and romney is closing. republicans are doing better job on absentee ballots than before. democrats always dade good job on that. that is why romney is closing. this race feels like 2000, 2004. gore won by four votes per press cinct. president bush in 2004 won by ten votes per precinct. this is ground game. tv is music now. not having impact. it's who will get out the last few people to go vote. >> bret:stei steven, in florida, the real clear average of latest polls have romney up three points over president obama. it seems in recent days the state has been trending republican. >> it has been. for period of time, the
6:22 pm
president was able to maintain small but steady advantage. this haven't anymore since the denver debate. the numbers you site from the real clear politics average, interesting that the recent polls reported there have it basically even. i think if you are going to make a guess, romney probably does have the advantage here. it's small. one of the situations where you have to say it ain't over until it's over. again, i have to ditto iowa. the ground work really important. except our situation is reversed. democrats are doing better with the absentee ballot than historically. who knows whether that will be able to catch them up or not. >> bret: yeah. it's important to point out before we go to virginia we use this real clear politics average but there are polls in there that skew it one way or another. this is the average of the poms. enough polls come out every day. we are trying to update it
6:23 pm
best we can. we thought this was the fairest. larry in virginia, the average of polls has the president up less than one. the real clear politics ample. what do you see on the ground? >> bret, i think if you start with averages you have to start from the fact that president obama had a decent lead in virginia earlier in the campaign season. about 3-1/2 points, one time. even four points. now it's down to a little more of a point. the private soundings i've taken lead me to believe since the denver debate, governor romney has been closing pretty hard. i would say virginia, if the election were held today, would be very, very close. both sides here by the way agree. it would be very, very close. virginia would be one of the closest states. but if you are looking at the trend, over this general election, you would have to say that virginia may be a little bit more republican than the national average. they were even in 2008 when
6:24 pm
obama carried virginia. so that is good for governor romney. >> bret: larry, in virginia, you a tight senate race with mccain and allen and a republican governor. >> yes, governor mcdonald has been a big plus for governor romney. he has been everywhere. he's been on your shows, everywhere that i have looked. but he has also transferred the state party operation apt his operation to the romney campaign. it's made a big difference for romney. >> bret: in iowa, david, democrats traditionally had a good operation getting out the vote. is it still that way? and what do you see in the organizational efforts on the ground? >> if you think about it, both of the candidates have been working iowa for five years now. they both ran caucus campaigns in 2008. ran them in 2012. probably the most intense political campaign that has
6:25 pm
bean in the state in terms of money and time, the candidates are spending in the state. one key is going to be, key is what will happen in the last debate. that will have an impact. second thing will be can obama get younger voters genned up again? they are not with him in 2012 as they were in 2008. the third thing is i think is romney going to continue his progress with women voters? those are three factors that we're keeping an eye on as we approach the end game here. >> stephen, end game in florida, final what each side needs to do and give out? >> well, i don't think it's much different in florida than what we heard about iowa. florida by the nature is a media. you don't do well statewide, presidency, governor or anything else without the media. that means going on tv. i think i agree that the tv stuff is just not going to make that much of a difference. i think it is a ground war.
6:26 pm
>> bret: david, stephen and larry, thank you very much. it's always great to get perspective from guys who know a lot on the ground. we appreciate it. next week, three more battleground states and three more experts. project runway first lady edition. that is next in grapevine. and the men argued about pensions during the debate. you may be surprised whose pension is bigger. one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do syou know, i've helped a lot off people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep?
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. tense discussion of hypocrisy in china set up this memorable exchange during tuesday's debate. >> mr. president have you looked at your pension? have you looked at you pension? >> i've got to say -- >> mr. president have you loo looked at your sex in >> i don't look at my pension. you looked at your pension? you have invest in the chinese companies and united states and trust. >> bret: poltifact rated romney statement about the president's pension mostly true. the site clarified romney's claim noting that the investments are indirect and done without knowledge of the account holder. cnbc took on the pension size question by noting that when the president leaves office he will receive a public pension of $191,000 a year given average life expectancy it works out to $6 million.
6:31 pm
that does not include secret service protection. governor romney has no public pension at all. so the president does indeed have a bigger pension than romney. though it's worth noting the governor ira is said to be in the neighborhood of $90 million. here is one the vice president, vice president biden probably wishes he could take back. listen carefully to what he saidnode campaign event. >> how many of you know someone who served in iraq or iran? how many of you know someone who has been injured or lost in iraq or iran? >> bret: know anyone who served in iraq or iran? also, did you see senator harry reid raise his hand? he said that twice. "newsweek" december 31, i will be its last print. the magazine will tran cision to an all digital format. december 31. confirming reports this summer
6:32 pm
that had been rebuffed. editor tina brown sent a letter to her staff in july. owner barry diller would like to make it clear he did not say that newsweek is going digital in september. he made the uncontroversial industry wide that print is moving in the direction of digital. news busters noelle she period quips "you were saying, tina?" finally, michelle obama and ann romney dressed up for tuesday's debate. both in pink. "us" magazine says ann romney wears $365,000 dress to debate. and obama has shift jacket from michael kors 20134 resort collection and retails for $1795. the jacket is $1495.
6:33 pm
few things are more american in american politics than gerrymandering. the division of areas in the district design to favor one party over another. pair of republican heavy hitters was in illinois today to try to blunt some of the effects of serious gerrymandering in the land of lincoln. correspondent steve brown has the story. >> upon research today for illinois congressman bobby shilling was in stereo, featuring twin republican speakers. former house speaker dennis hastert and current speaker john boehner. but democrats see an opportunity to chip away at boehner's team, the republican majority in the u.s. house. >> if you have a choice from 500 precinct workers or person with a pencil draw the map, take the pencil. >> they have used the pencil to favor their party.
6:34 pm
>> as a result of redistricting there are at least four republican districts in that i would say are tossup or lead to democrat. >> for example, shilling district 17 went from a sprawling stretch that slightly favored democrats to a more compact area adding the cities of rockford and peoria. >> with redistricting it leans slightly more democratic than the previous 30 years. if you look at hard numbers it looks good. >> sherry, the democrat challenging shilling enjoys the support of the top congressional democrat senator dick durbin. other at-risk illinois republicans in "d" leaning districts include joe walsh in the eighth district. house democrats are counting on redistricting alone in illinois and elsewhere. to give them about a dozen seats in their drive to flip 25 and regain criminal of the house. in illinois 17, shilling
6:35 pm
thinks the redistricting plan could count on the coat tail of president obama in his home state. >> there is remorse with the independents and the soft democrats. >> shilling may have a point. in the redistrict that have been redrawn to favor democrat they're in within the margin of error, with the president on the ballot. bret? >> thank you. new foreign blame in the libya scand? plus the president pushes back on the daily show. we'll talk about it all with the fox all-stars when we come back. those little things still get you. for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for ily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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i conclude didn't know what happened now. no question it was a terrorist attack. no question but security was inadequate.
6:39 pm
what happened the director of national intelligence, the dni, who is a very good individual, former head of the defense intelligence agency, general jim clapper put out speaking points on the initial intelligence assessment. that was possibly a mistake. >> bret: well, she is the head of the senate intelligence committee. democrat dianne feinstein from california. saying that general jim clapper is to blame for talking points originally. the president went out today and gave an interview to the daily show. jon stewart's show. it airs tonight. we can give you a piece of this, part of this. at one part p he is asked about benghazi and he says every piece of information we got, as we got it, we laid it
6:40 pm
out for american people. the picture is filled in. we know how to fulfill it in the future asked by stewart, you say it wasn't optimal the way it unfolded with susan rice and readinreading from the different script and said. he says if four americans get killed it's not optimal. we are going to fix it. all of it. what happens in course of the presidency is the government is a big operation. any given time, something screws up. you make sure that you find out what is broken. bring in panel on this. fred barnes from stand. mara liasson, national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, every piece of information we got as we got it, we laid it out for the american people. >> another whopper. susan rice goes on tv and says this was not premeditated terror attack. >> bret: they will say
6:41 pm
clapper gave them the talking points. >> they will say it's the state department information, listen in on the attack. saying it wasn't a mob or video. armed attack. you had the president himself boasting it was a terrorist attack on the second day oh. does that square? if he is saying that and taking credit for it that was information out there. then she denies it on the sunday after. that is a contradiction. all of this is a contradiction. sent only the one contradicting the other. president contradicting himself. he tries to take the credit for stereo attack in the debate. on letterman a week later can't say terrorist attack week later. that is a contradiction. he says speaking to debate with the person who asked him that question. i think you have it on -- >> bret: you are getting good at this. teeing up the sound bite. >> i get the big bucks. >> bret: right.
6:42 pm
>> he tried to explain the reason he took so long between the initial announce in the the rose garden and two weeks later when he formally announced an act of terrorism, that he wanted to be deliberate. he did not want to make a mistake on the misinformation. he wanted accurate and true information. because any action he took including the middle east would have dire consequences. >> bret: he says that after the debate, he talks and goes up to him and engages him in a conversation afterwards. >> this is how he does it. he goes out in front of 67 million americans and says i'm the one who says it's terrorist attack. when nobody is listening except for one man, well, we were -- we didn't have the information. i had to be careful. candy crowley who disgracefully intervened in that and supported the president's claim that he said it was a terror attack on the day after, she did exactly the same. she then walked it back off
6:43 pm
camera after she supported the president. garnered applause for the president. that is a hell of neutral audience. then romney really had it right. so you say one thing out there, then you retract it. or you walk it back in private. then you pretend every piece of information is laid out openly. that in itself is a falsehood. >> bret: mara? >> well, i think the new, the piece of news we got today is the president said something screwed up. something did screw up. susan rice -- well, it was news because the first time he said that. susan rice went out and said something that wasn't correct. it seems like people knew it wasn't at the time. she has yet to explain why she said that. he has to explain more than giving something to reference something screwed up. i think what will happen on monday on florida we have a doover and relitigate this particular incident. i don't think romney got his
6:44 pm
talking points completely clear. he will get another whack at this. this is all about foreign policy on monday. >> bret: bret? >> it's all about barack obama. susan rice. the knot they tied themselves in. rice went out and was on five talk shows sunday morning. it doesn't happen because somebody called her and said i'd like to drop by. it happens because the white house brokers it. they have people to do this. you know this. when you send someone to shows you send them out with talking points. the white house does this. not obscure press secretary at state department. she came out and these were the orders. she went on all the show and said it was video they were made about. the president goes and tells kerry they were deliberate and didn't want the misinformation to come out. they were putting this out. it was jay carney at the white house and the president himself at various times
6:45 pm
saying that. this stuff about the video. why were they doing that? raises only one suspicion. of a coverup. what are they trying to cover up? in the column that comes out tomorrow, covering up that al-qaeda revived. assassination and killing of usama bin laden did not -- had a great symbolic value but did not wipe out al-qaeda. the al-qaeda affiliate all around. in benghazi they attack and killed four americans. foreign policy, it does not look good for president. what about the turn down and refusal to beef up security in benghazi? i would like to hear that and i think you're right, the mt. be asked about that. he is contradicting himself and tying nims knots.
6:46 pm
this happens in a coverup. >> tell the truth. it's easier to memorize. >> bret: we hear from the vice president to put blame on the intelligence community. you hear from dianne feinstein saying jim clapper put out statements. talking points. you hear the assessment evolve and you hear from the president saying i called it an act of terror on day one. what is the intelligence community thinking? >> they tried to throw hillary under the bus but she has resources including her husband and other people that might strike back that could be, was a report today, still speculative that there is traffic, cable traffic that would show that she had requested other security measures. they try to throw her under the bus. now they are going to try to throw clapper, less well known and has less support.
6:47 pm
thigh have way to leak stuff you may regret. it may not happen until after election day in which case obama doesn't care. >> bret: remember version a one-hour special tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. on this topic. tune in. next up, who is responsible for the approach of the fiscal cliff? where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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♪ ♪ ♪ we can't get this done unless we ask wealthiest household the pay higher taxes on income above $260,000. pay the same rate we had when
6:51 pm
bill clinton was president. >> what we see out of the president is simply the lack of leadership. no leadership in solving the deficit problems. no leadership when it comes to the fiscal cliff we're going to face with tax rates going up january 1. sequester hitting january 2. >> bret: get ready. the fiscal cliff standoff is coming. the white house is signaling they'll veto any plan that doesn't veto taxes on rich. he has had his position for a long time. romney campaign released a statement to work in bipartisan manner as fiscal cliff approaches. president obama first issued veto threats and ignore the other party. we have can't afford four more years of the failed leadership. back with the panel. mara, you know, we have this election coming of course.
6:52 pm
but the fiscal cliff is rapidly approaching. approaching >> rapidly approaching and big deal. it's congress and the white house's own making. they engineered the package. the resolution of this is completely dependent on who wins the election. if romney wins they will pass this and he wants a year to do the tax reform and big grand bargain that needs to be done. if president obama wins they could get a lame duck. he would have more leverage. bottom line is the same there. has to be a grand bar gone on entitlement and tax reform to solve the problem. the reason we're here congress failed twice to get the deal done. congress and white house failed twice. >> bret: the hope they would get it done in lame duck. >> they can't do it in tax reform in the lame duck. not enough time. couple of weeks in the lame
6:53 pm
duck. not just moving it up to 39.6%, top rate on individual income. i would go up higher than that. tax on capital gains would go up to 24%. dividends would go from 15% to 39.6%. there would be caps on deduction for top 2%. so on. then 3.5% medicare tax. on investments. that would certainly touch 2%. be a lot of taxes going up. that is the reason why the congressional budget office said our economy is already so weak, if you raise taxes we have a recession. that is not a hard prediction to make. as you know, bret, cbo, i mean they are not the most wild and crazy guys. they're pretty conservative in making these predictions like that. the president has one big card and that's sequester. he knows the republicans an conservatives do not want $600 billion in defense cuts to go in to effect.
6:54 pm
starting in 2013. the president said i would veto any attempt to block sequester unless i get the tax increases on the top 2%. remember, one more thing, the top -- these tax increases are not fiscally -- it won't do that much. this is pure liberal ideology. pure ideology. >> bret: president charles is signaling to top democrats if he wins he will break the back of republican party. he will have a mandate to force them, to do what he wants. >> i don't, i'm not sure he will succeed. i don't think the republicans will cave. i think he will carry out the bluff. he will send this over the cliff. and the reason is it really works to his advantage. the money here is not in what the wealthy are paying. the real mown is what the middle class is paying. and would pay if you abolish the bush tax cuts.
6:55 pm
80% of them was revenue lost, re-knew lost from the middle class. obama promised he would never do this. here he will say the republicans held hostage so he is not responsible. he will get a gusher of revenue from middle class, upper class, defense cuts which will radically reduce the debt. you might have six months of recession. but he is re-elected. he won't get impeached or recalled. so it would solve a huge element of the fiscal problem. raise taxes as he wants and cut defense as he wants. why not do it. then the blame is on the part of republicans. i think he will carry it out if he wins which is a reason if you care about high taxes you might want to seriously consider how you vote on november 6. >> he will not get a bill to veto because the senate not going to pass that bill and send it to his desk. >> automatic hike in taxes. >> not because he vetoed it. >> automatic cuts in defense. >> bret: okay. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see what other
6:56 pm
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finally tonight, you won't seema shell obama or ann romney debating anytime soon since there is no first lady debate. but one comedian wanted to see how people would react if they were told there was one. >> i would have to say michelle obama. she did better. >> ann romney. she is a classy and wonderful lady. >> was there anything she said during the debate in particular you like? >> no, i just like how she looks. >> i think michelle obama. she was a lot more aggressive. >> michelle. >> why do you say that? was there anything in particular that spoke to you? >> no, in general i just saw a little -- to tell you honestly i had something else going on, so i didn't see the whole debate. >> anybody


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